Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mehndi Medallion

Finally had time to ink up my Mehndi medallion Stamps.  I have been entertaining the idea of stamping the large medallion onto a doily.  I didn't know if it would fit.  I think it fits nicely. (My positioning is off a wee bit.)

I decided to use sepia ink which reminded me of the henna tattoos which arecurrently in vogue at the Jersey shore. Sponged off the doily edges with the sepia ink too. I finished it off with a strip of PTI's vintage cream grograin ribbon and two large crystals.  There is a tiny crystal in the middle of the sepia medallion.

The inside of my card is finished.  I don't know if I like it.

I  haven't stamped a sentiment since I am not sure which occassion I would use it for .  Any suggestions?

CS: Kraft
Stamp Set: PTI Mehndi Medallion
Ink:  Archiveal Sepia
Ribbon: PTI Vintage Cream Grograin
Misc: doily, crystals


Dana said...

What a clever idea to stamp it on a doily. I love how it looks and that tiny piece inside too. Just lovely. Why not keep the sentiment off until you need a card? It could be sympathy, BD, thank you, thinking of you...all sorts.

Jen said...

Welcome to Blog World! What a lovely card. Love the stamped on doily idea. Very clever indeed! I often don't stamp a sentiment until I know what the card is destined to be. Often I sell them sentimentless too, which is also popular. Again, congrats on your new blog. I am looking forward to seeing lots more of your wonderful creations.

I'm Renee said...

Congratulations on blogging!!
Been doing it for about 6 months...
started for the same reasons you did...
wanted to be able to join in challenges and all the fun stuff!
And I'm having FUN with it! :)
Enjoy it almost daily!
And what a fabby idea to stamp on the doily...
love it!
I passed on this set earlier...
I think I'm regretting it now...
will just have to rectify soon! ;)