Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Faux Front & Center Gift Bag

     Now that I have all my Christmas gifts made for my co-workers, I need to package them.  I do love the packages made using the front & center die, but I didn't purchase one because I felt I could make something similiar using what I already own.
   Together with my edgers #4 die and the Oval Coluzzle; mission accomplished.

   It took some experimenting to get the right height. Since my gifts are 6" tall, I knew my paper bag had to be slightly taller. So I cut the bag at 71/2 ".  Determining the size of the panels was trial & error. I cut a piece of cardstock  5 1/2 by 11, used the edger die on one edge, cut the oval for the handle and preceded to cut 1/2 inch segments from the bottom until I had the right height. I ended up using a panel 10" by 5 1/2".
    I wanted to use white paper bags. After scouring the party section of several stores with no luck, I found that Walmart had white paper lunch bags.
  On my wishlist is the snowflake die. However, I wanted a snowflake as as a focal point to continue the theme with the pattern paper, so I went to the Dollar Store and bought a package of 10 plastic, glittery snowflakes for $1.
   I think I am going to redo the red circle. Instead of using it as a name tag, I am going to stamp a sentiment and attach a tiny tag with the recipient's name.

   A close up of the right side of the bag.

     For those of you who are eyeing the Front & Center die, but have an edger's die (# 2 & 4 would work best) don't be afraid to make your own faux one. You'll save your self a lot of money and get the same result. These bags are really fun & easy to make, especially after you make one. I have 3 completed. My intention is to complete 2 a night.
    One of my goals for 2012 is to become more creative with what I already have.
    Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you are done with your shopping and are beginning to wrap your "goodies".


Marybeth said...

Love the gift bags you made up and the snowflakes were a good deal. I like the tag as you have them.

Jen Adcock said...

I think I might just like your faux F&C a bit better actually. This is so inventive and totally gorgeous! Love the snowflake used in the tag. The Tiny Tags will work well too. Both great ideas. Just amazing!

Joyce said...

That bag looks terrific. I like your resolution to be more creative with what you already have. I might consider that, ha ha. I don't have this die either, and I would not have noticed the difference, if you hadn't pointed it out.

Elena said...

So great! I agree, we could all be inspired by new products, but we don't necessarily NEED them all - thanks for sharing!

Terri said...

Great job improvising! Love your version and the snowflake too.