Thursday, September 22, 2011

Purple Ladybugs

     My 3 year old granddaughter celebrated her 3rd birthday this month.  The theme for her birthday party was ladybugs.... not just any ladybugs, but PURPLE ladybugs. (In case you haven't figured it out, purple is her favorite color.)  She and her mom made invitations in the shape of purple ladybugs.  I made the rest of the decorations for the party.

    Let it be known that I am a purist.  The thought of purple ladybugs was incomprehensible to me. I originally was going to make all the decorations red.  However, when she overheard me talking to her mother, she said, "No Grandma, I don't want red ladybugs. Purple."  Being a grandma, I couldn't resist her wishes, so I caved in. 

  During my search of a variety of website for party ideas, I came across an idea of a lollipop wrapped in tissue paper with black spots on it.  Since I never tagged it, I wasn't able to relocte it.  Luckily for me the idea was so simple, I was able to reproduce it. I just used a Sharpie for the black dots that I randomly placed on a double layer of 4 x 4 purple tissue paper.  The original idea used black pipe cleaners to secure the tissue paper.  However, since I did not have any black pipe cleaners when I began this project, I used some purple jute I had in my stash.  These went in the goody bags.  Of course I made enough for all the adults too!


     The next thing I made was a Happy 3rd Birthday banner.  Below is a picture of only part of the banner.  The entire banner was too long to get a good photo of.  I really liked how it turned out.  It was so cute. The ladybugs looked soooo cute in purple.
   A close up of a ladybug in the banner.

  I wanted something different for the table.  I took the biggest Nestie I had, and made a medallion to resemble a flower.  I used one of the flower fusion dies as my center and added a purple ladybug on each side.  I had these mini clay flower pots that I used for the base. I stuck a piece of syrofoam inside and used a wooden BBQ skewer for the stem.

Altogether I made 3 flowers  to spread out along  the main table.

 Of course no party is complete without party hats.  Keeping the theme of purple ladybugs, this is what I created. I got the idea from here.

  The birthday girl had her own special hat.(In purple of course with 3 purple ladybugs crawling all over the # 3.) 

  The last minute I decided to make chocolate covered pretzel ladybugs.  I lucked out and got the last batch of purple melties at Michaels.  My chocolate covered pretzels did not look like any of those on Pinterest, but I can tell you they were the hit of the party.  Each person got to take home 2 pretzels in a glassine bag. (I ran out of time to decorate them).   I set out a tray of chocolate covered ladybug pretzels when the cake was being served. They were gone in no time. 

  Now some of you are thinking I might have carried the purple ladybug idea too far when you see how I wrapped my granddaughter's birthday presents.  The black dots were made with my Wishblade and taped on the gift randomly.
   The other gift was wrapped with white paper stamped with the large ladybug image from PTI's Little Lady.
I only stamped the side of the paper that was to be the top of the present.  The purple ink I used was light and did not photograph well.

   A look at the finished package.

    Thank you for stopping by.  Tomorrow I shall post the birthday card I made for my granddaughter.  Do you think it will be purple with ladybugs? (wink)


Jen Adcock said...

Purple ladybugs totally work. Purple is so the new red now. These darlings are fantastic in all their forms as created by your wonderfully crafty self. Adorable. The birthday hat and wrapping paper have got to be my favorites. But they are all pretty special. Lucky granddaughter.

Rhonda said...

Oh so cute!! You were a busy girl Carol.

Joyce said...

What a fantastic grandmother you are. It is certainly a myth that little girls like pink--it is usually purple all the way. Everything is so cute. I bet you had fun with it.

LEG Studios said...

Oh, how cute! Lucky, lucky grand baby! I think the party guest party hats are my favorite - love those antennae!!