Thursday, November 8, 2012

Backwards Card

 Do you ever come up with an idea for a card, make it and as you post it realize you did it backwards? Yep! That is what happened to me with this card. That's what I get for not recording my ideas; the senior moments take over.

 I should have the orange on the outside and the black inside. Oh well!
Here's what the inside sentiment looked like.

 Thanks for stopping by.


Joyce said...

Cute, anyway. And, yes--I do stuff like that all the time. Like take my last sheet of some patterned paper, and cut it the wrong way! I would not have known that you intended it the other way if you hadn't said something.

craftmates said...

I do that sometimes! But I just make it work anyway, just like what you did here. Your card turned out cute in the end and I love it! Also love the spooky eyes inside. - Irma

Karen C. said...

It does look like a 'spooky' pumpkin with glowing eyes and mouth!! Several times I've made card fronts and then attached them upside down!

Leigh said...

I had to read what you did wrong because I didn't get it at first! I think it looks cool!