Monday, January 16, 2012

Paper Bag Mini Album

  I wanted to do something special for my Husband's 60th birthday. It began with the idea of making a list of 60 things I love about him. The challenge was how would I showcase this? About a month ago, my neighbor, Elise (Bunni on the PTI forum) & fellow PTI enthusiast showed me a mini album she created using  these.

     The bags are 4 5/8 by 8 5/8 and can be purchased at Michaels. 
The first thing one does is tape down the flap end. Then the flap gets folded up toward the bag's opening.
(Sorry for the glare in the picture)

Each side of the bag & flap gets decorated. I decided to use a picture from each decade of my husband's life with the date on the large part of the bag. On the flap I  did a sentiment.

Bag #1 As a toddler  (  On the flip side of the large section is the cover. which I'll show you later.)

     Bag # 2 Teenage years


This picture shows how the 2 bottom flaps are placed against each other as a buffer between the two layouts.

Bags 3 & 4 20's & 30's

Page 5 
 Page 6-- 40's

Once again the flaps of the bags as a buffer.

Page 7 & 8 --50's Our daughter's wedding; My dh with his mother

Page 9-- Our first grandchild

Page 10--Summer of 2011. I had really wanted to paste an image of my husband 20 years from now, but  was not successful in accomplishing this. I tried for an hr. before I gave up. So I decided to use a current picture of my dh with our 2nd grandchild.

   The buffer flaps.

   I used my Cinch to bind it.  Here's the cover. The stamp set Life was used.

    I typed ten reasons what I love about my husband  & printed the list on cardstock.  I trimmed the card down to fit inside each bag. I adhered a tab so that the card could be pulled from the bag.  In all I made 5 cards for a total of 60 reasons what I love about my husband.

  Most of the background papers used were from My Mind's Eye True Blue Collection. I used many BB sets on Ocean Tide CS to make my own pattern paper.

I am glad that this project is done. It was fun to make and a bit simpler than a large album. Thanks for stopping by.  Tomorrow I am going to share some of the decorations I made to celebrate.


Gina said...

Oh, Carol! What a wonderful project!! And a great idea. I bet your DH loved it, didn't he?

Joyce said...

Don't know what happened to my first comment, so sorry if this is a repeat. I said that this book is a beautiful labor of love, and I know your husband will love it. He sounds like one heck of a guy.

Marlena M. said...

Carol, this is soooo wonderful. You took such great care in creating a memorable/full-of-love gift. I bet he treasured it! ;)